Whoever said email marketing is dead is seriously off the mark.

Email lists are the most underrated marketing tool. 

Meet the email strategy that has generated more than $1.7M in sales.

But most advice you'll read about how to build yours doesn't even scratch the surface.

We're here to show you how to build each piece of the process that can build you a 50,000 strong email list.

Yes, we said what we said.

You're collecting emails here and there, but it feels like your list is barely growing between unsubscribes and the lack of strategy behind your sign up promotions

You're only sending out emails because you know you're supposed to, but it doesn't really feel like it's doing anything...

You're scared to sell to your audience over email because you unsubscribe to other emails faster than anyone you know

Does this sound a little painfully familiar? It's okay, it's a safe space here! But we're here to help you shift into an email list that actually generates real revenue for you.

You know you need an email list, but you don't really know what to do with it.

just between us

Everyone’s telling you to get an email list but no one’s telling you what to do with it.

You're probably feeling stuck in this cycle where email marketing doesn't excite you so you're not giving it much time and therefore your list isn't growing. Your list isn't growing, so that makes email marketing even less appealing...

We're going to show you an approach to email marketing that will have you chomping at the bits to get started.

We're giving you the playbook.


And it's a strategy you can start seeing leads from tomorrow.


Email Architect

Imagine seeing a bump in sales every time you send an email...

Once a proper system is in place, your email list can be generating new leads for you while you’re away from your computer (and more sales!).

Email is more than just writing out a message and sending it to all of your customers. We’re taking you through all of the stops when it comes to setting up lead magnets (and finding one that would work best for you), creating a basic welcome automation so that you don’t miss a single new customer, and content ideas that will help you consistently touch base with your customers and position yourself as an industry leader packed with value.

Start writing million dollar emails and sell your offer around the clock

"Learning from Mal and Gemma literally changed my life."

No matter how many email subscribers you have, the Email Architect will set you up for success.

In 90 minutes, you’re learning:

What we cover

your new EMAIL growth strategy

How to create a fresh lead magnet that consistently grows your list with the type of leads you love

The complete, transparent breakdown of what goes into a $1M email from imagery to font size, signatures, & more

How to put your subscribers at the heart of your emails & building a welcome automation that converts

We know this can be intimidating.

That's why we'll hold your hand through this process, walk you through real-life case studies to test your learning, and give you all the templates you need to speed up the process.

& the tools we provide


email welcome sequence template

our 20 highest open rate subject lines

a full email example library

Take it from us,
we've been where you are.

As a Business Strategist & Coach for ambitious entrepreneurs who want to create and sell digital products, I’m here to simplify your strategies.

I launched my first course (for bloggers!) in 2017, and I made $13k for the year. It wasn’t much, but I was stoked—and hooked.

After learning the hard way, tweaking my process, and seeing real results, I grew my course sales to $130k the following year.

From there, I’ve built a business that brings in $750k+ a year in gross revenue…

And since January 1st 2020, I've had NO $0 days in my business. In fact, I've done over 6-figures in online course sales steadily since 2017. 

Would you believe me if I said I only work 20 hour work weeks now? I literally can't wait to teach you some of the strategies that have helped to get me here!

Hey I'm Gemma!


Serial entrepreneur, real estate investor, content creator, and in my humble opinion...all around good time.

I founded my first business at the age of 22 with my brand new boyfriend at the time, and more than 7 years later we've built 3 businesses together:
  • a global powerlifting apparel company built to help athletes give back, 
  • a marketing education platform & business coaching business, and 
  • a real estate team known for having the #1 social media realtor in Ottawa

(All by using $0 online strategies.)

I'm super passionate about marketing, breaking down the glorified 24/7 hustle culture around entrepreneurship, and personal finance. I can't wait to meet you! 

And I'm Mallory!

social media entrepreneur

If you're tired of constantly trading your time for income, we'll see you in class.


Email Architect

Start writing million dollar emails and sell your offer around the clock


By the end of this 90-minute workshop, you'll have an email list that has the power to take you from trading time for money to a full-blown passive income business.

You'll learn: 
  1. How to create a fresh lead magnet that consistently grows your list with the type of leads you love
  2. The complete, transparent breakdown of what goes into a $1M email from imagery to font size, signatures, & more
  3. How to put your subscribers at the heart of your emails & building a welcome automation that converts

You'll receive: 
  • Access to the 90-minute LIVE workshop November 16th at 1 pm est 
  • Live Q&A time to get your questions answered from Mal & Gemma
  • Unlimited replay & lifetime access to the recording 
  • Lead Magnet Canva Template: Build a beautiful and high-converting PDF lead magnet in Canva … in less than 60 minutes!
  • 6-Part Email Welcome Sequence Template: Take the guesswork out of what to write and wow your new subscribers using this plug-and-play sequence
  • Hot Subject Lines: Get Gemma’s 20 highest open rate emails of 2022 and never write a boring subject line again
  • Email Examples Swipe Library: Check out Gemma and Mallory’s BEST emails for major inspiration next time you are left wondering what to write about

It's time to start writing better emails.

You deserve to be waking up to new leads, fresh faces, & big sales.


Your ticket includes access to the live workshop as well as an immediate replay so you can rewatch the workshop as early as the same evening or early next morning. However, we really encourage you to attend the workshop live if you can! 

It’s about 60-minutes of interactive learning, followed by a 30-minute Q+A period to ask any and all questions you may have (which you wouldn’t be able to do from the replay).

Each workshop also includes its own set of worksheets, templates or tools that complement what you learn so you can turn it into action right away!

This workshop has now transferred over into a replay format only. 

The content was filmed at the LIVE workshop November 9th, 2022 and you can also listen in on the Q&A portion with those students! You'll get immediate access to the workshop replay as well as all the additional resources that come with it!

Oh hey! We're Mallory Rowan and Gemma Bonham-Carter. Just two IRL friends who are also Business and Marketing Coaches. We're obsessed with bringing together incredible people (like you!) and talking about online business.

We’ll be teaching all of the workshops together and pulling together additional resources that we’ve made to make it the ultimate bundle to help you along on this journey.

You can read more about us here.

Of course! First of all, each of these workshops are meant to be applicable at any point of your business and marketing strategy. They are constructed with simple strategies that you can implement with minimal prep work to start making more revenue now and reap the long term benefits.

That being said, while all of these workshops work independently, you may want to consider doing all three if you want to level up your business next year. 

If you need a deeper understanding of each one:
15-Second Strategy: The underrated strategy of how to optimize stories for consistent Instagram growth & conversions (+ the perfect content mix & formula to hold attention!) Click here for more info.
Email Architect: The fundamental components of email writing that actually builds connection & land you sales with every email you send. Click here for more info. 
The Affiliate Playbook: The easiest way to boost your bottom line with affiliate marketing & exactly how to do it right from the start. Click here for more info. 

No worries, you’re not too late! If you want to access a workshop that has already passed then you can still get a ticket for an immediate replay. This means that as soon as you order, you’ll receive the workshop to watch right away.

Due to the nature of the content delivery, we do not offer refunds for this workshop.

If you have NOT received your workshop access after purchasing, please:

Nine times out of ten there's been a typo for your email address when you purchased, and we're happy to sort it out for you! 
It depends!

Whether you have 3 subscribers to your email list or 3,000, you’ll get the scoop on lead magnets that are proven to convert and tips on how to make your emails irresistible to open. The same goes for whether you want to dive into your Instagram marketing strategy or Affiliate marketing strategy. 

This series is designed for those with their business already in motion, BUT with that said, you know yourself better than we do. We love a planner so if you don't currently have a business but know this is your vision, by all means join us! 

But just to be clear: This workshop will NOT teach you how to come up with a business idea or build a business. 

This workshop series has key takeaways that could be applied at any stage of a business, whether you’re just getting started or want to prepare to scale. 

It’s true: Having an audience is essential for selling a product or service.

BUT—if you don’t have a large audience, don’t sweat it! These are strategies that work with audiences of all sizes, as you build.

The key is to get started and keep growing your audience as you go. And remember, it’s less about the numbers and more about the quality of your audience and how engaged they are.
OK we get this, big time. Nothing is worse than getting info-dumped and not knowing what to do with it all on top of everything else going on in your life.

That is what the Quick Strategy series is all about. You don’t have to hustle and grind for success. If you build efficient systems and scale your business with focus, simplicity and clarity, it can actually give you so much time back in your day (and life)… to spend on the things that truly matter.

So, yes! You are busy. But this is your ticket out of that constant busy-ness.

And in terms of results, consistency is key. This means that committing to posting, creating content or sending emails regularly (whether it’s weekly, bi-weekly or quarterly, whatever is within your means), will yield better results than giving it one try and ghosting everything after.