GROWTH WEEK was built to connect entrepreneurs of all paths. From product entrepreneurs printing t-shirts in their basement and advertising them on TikTok to industry leaders heading multi-million dollar campaigns, GROWTH WEEK brings their stories together for all of us.

For some of our speakers, this is their first time truly telling their story. We hope you enjoy it! 

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Your stories told






Tina Lamontagne is the owner of The Yoga Attic, a beautiful health and wellness centre located just outside of Ottawa, Canada. Tina runs yoga classes, fireside gatherings, co-working days, and other types of day retreats focused on connecting with oneself and well-being.

She also runs a group coaching program called Alive. The Yoga Attic philosophy: We believe in thoughtful details, in making life intentional. We believe life is meant to be shared. We believe opening our hearts is a simple opportunity to create real moments and meet incredible people.

MORNING MEDITATION & MOVEMENT: Join Tina of Yoga Attic for an optional start to each day

M/T/T/F - 8:30 AM 

Tina Lamontagne



Most well known as one of North America's Top Social Media Realtors & #1 in his city of Ottawa, Canada, Josh Reyes is a 27-year-old realtor and personal finance content creator. 

He is a co-host of the personal finance YouTube show, The Inbetweeners, and the co-founder of LVD Fitness, an apparel brand designed to help athletes give back, grown primarily through the power of Instagram and offline events.


$20M in Sales with a $0 Strategy: How to leverage Instagram for lead generation

MON, NOV 1 - 9 AM


Josh Reyes


45K Followers in 5 Months: How to create viral Instagram Reels to grow your business

MON, NOV 1 - 10 AM

Mandy is an Instagram Coach & Strategist helping female entrepreneurs grow their business using the good ol' gram & the power reels! Not only has she grown over 45k+ followers using reels but has also scaled her business to 5 figures in less than 6 months!

PS Steal her 10 Reel Ideas + Audios for Any Business here.


Mandy Emerson


Creating Inclusive Content: Common Non-Inclusive Content Mistakes

MON, NOV 1 - 11 AM

Jenny Jay

As a storyteller and creator, Jenny’s education, lived experiences as a South Asian woman with experiences with in/visible disability, living unhoused and without financial security, and existing in other identities, have become integral to the content that she writes, creates, and shares. She recognizes the difference it makes when stories are shared in a way that recognizes you and validates your experiences.

She truly believes we all can make spaces — online, in our media, in our conversations, and in our businesses, that are spaces for change. Shop her store here.


Alyssa is a trauma-informed modelling and camera confidence coach who uses NLP to help her students find radical self-compassion.

In less than a year, Alyssa grew her social to over 100,000 followers on TikTok and was recently featured on Access Hollywood with NBC. Alyssa helps you feel more confident in front of the camera and make real impact online.

PS Start by taking Alyssa's "What's Your Video Personality Type?" quiz here.

Cultivating Camera Confidence: Lessons on posing and mindset from a misfit model

MON, NOV 1 - 12 PM

Alyssa Davis



Ro is a movement teacher and lifestyle influencer from the Ottawa area. She brings together a unique combination of high energy and creative sequencing that is fun, inspiring and grounding.

Ro believes everyBODY is meant to move, including yours. She's made it her mission to help you fall in love with finding new ways to take care of the most important person in your life: YOU.

Ro Nwosu


Ro is a movement teacher and lifestyle influencer from the Ottawa area. She brings together a unique combination of high energy and creative sequencing that is fun, inspiring and grounding.

Ro believes everyBODY is meant to move, including yours. She's made it her mission to help you fall in love with finding new ways to take care of the most important person in your life: YOU.

PS Try her WildRoga On Demand yoga classes free for 7 days from anywhere here.


WELLNESS BREAK: Join Ro in a movement flow that will feel like your favourite parts of yoga and dance combined!

MON, NOV 1 - 1 PM

Ro Nwosu


Melissa is a 33-year-old, southern California native, currently living in Savannah, Georgia. For the past 7 years, she’s been helping online entrepreneurs market themselves online with paid and organic traffic.

She owns Litchfield Media Co, a digital advertising company that helps small businesses and entrepreneurs skyrocket their impact and revenue with paid traffic. And she lives with her husband (who serves in the US Coast Guard) and her four-year-old daughter, Madeline.

PS Listen to Melissa's Conversion Class University Private Podcast here.


MON, NOV 1 - 2 PM

Melissa Litchfield

Top 10 Audiences for Ads: Use these in your next paid ad campaigns


With over 7 years of experience with Facebook & Instagram ads, Aashima Verma specializes in helping mission driven coaches scale their business sustainably. She believes that we should focus on scaling our business vs. growing our business. (More on that during my session!)

She has worked with some top industry leaders. Recently, she also ran ads for Rupi Kaur Live!

Growing vs Scaling: How to scale your business with ads

MON, NOV 1 - 3 PM

Aashima Verma



Chase is currently a Partner at Structured — a top ecommerce marketing agency, where he runs the email team.

Since June of 2018, they’ve helped our clients send over a billion emails resulting in over $75 million in email attributable revenue. A few of their previous and current clients include: Orgain, The Chive, Original Grain, and CrossNet.

PS Get The Weekly Email Marketing Newsletter from a $75M Ecommerce Email Marketer for free here.


Email tips that have driven $75M+ in revenue

MON, NOV 1 - 4 PM

Chase Dimond


Co-founder of Content Bistro and a certified conversion copywriter, Prerna Malik has written for hundreds of clients worldwide, including Pat Flynn, Vanessa Lau, Tanya Aliza, Amy Porterfield and others.

She's served up several 6 and 7-figure launches for her clients and teaches copywriters and course creators inside Ready-to-Sell. She lives in India with her husband & business partner, Mayank and their daughter, Manini.

PS B.A.K.E Your Way to Consistent Sales: with this 4-Part Process for Selling Your Courses All Year Round you can download here.

Writing for Revenue: How to write sales-generating copy

MON, NOV 1 - 5 PM

Prerna Malik



Troy Ericson is a direct response copywriter and email deliverability expert who has generated over $5MM since 2018.


5x your Email Deliverability: How to stop ending up in spam folders

MON, NOV 1 - 6 PM

Troy Ericson


Ellyce Fulmore is a queer money coach and educator helping millennials embrace their identity, rewrite their story around money and build sustainable wealth.

She takes an intersectional approach to finances and is passionate about making financial literacy more accessible, simple and fun.


TikTok Partnerships: How to negotiate long-term partnerships on an emerging platform

TUES, NOV 2 - 9 AM

Ellyce Fulmore

@ellyce.fulmore, @millennial_coach

Just a girl building dreams in her basement. Boutique owner, driven creative, dream chaser.

Taylor Magee is the owner and founder of Taylored For You Creations, an apparel and print shop she started during the pandemic and grew through TikTok. Her goal is to help other business owners manifest their success.

Shop her store here.


Pandemic to Profit: How TikTok took a side hustle full time

TUES, NOV 2 - 10 AM

Taylor Magee


Celebrity Chiropractor Dr. Remix operates out of Houston, Texas but is most well-known for his viral, "So your back hurts?" chiropractic remixes of TikTok trends.

He has a community of more than 3.4M+ between Instagram and TikTok and has collaborated with artists such as Kehlani.


"So Your Back Hurts?" How Dr. Remix went from 0 to 3M+ followers on TikTok

TUES, NOV 2 - 11 AM

Dr Remix


Carla Marie is a Twitch, TV, and podcast host with a 10-year radio career under her belt. She currently hosts The Carla Marie and Anthony Show on Twitch and runs a media company with her co-host.

Carla Marie has also hosted small business podcasts and panels like Side Hustlers and Long Story Short.

Ps You can grab Carla Marie's Twitch guide that will explain all the lingo you need to know here!

Taking on Twitch: Secrets to streaming success

TUES, NOV 2 - 12 PM


Carla Marie


Several years after being diagnosed with a chronic illness that destroyed her self esteem, Hannah has mastered the mindset tricks to maintain consistent self love without a consistent body size. Hannah has used her expertise to help hundreds of women embody their true selves so they can live authentically, by making them aware of the limiting narratives that have been projected onto them through their entire lives. 

Hannah is a Masters Student in Public Policy at a top Canadian University, a competitive powerlifter and a women's and LGTBQ-rights activist. 


WELLNESS BREAK - Join us in a confidence workshop, Healthy by Hannah style

TUES, NOV 2 - 1 PM

Healthy By Hannah


A globally-recognized money + career expert, Tori's work has been featured on Good Morning America, the TODAY Show, the New York Times, People Magazine, TIME Magazine, Forbes, CNBC, and more.

Tori is the founder of Her First $100K, a multi-seven-figure business that changes women’s lives through financial literacy. Her mission is to get you the funds to build the life you want — and slay the patriarchy at the same time.

PS Take Tori's Money Personality Quiz here.

How to Become the #1 Podcast (& build a 2M+ community)

TUES, NOV 2 - 2 PM



Tori Dunlap

How to Start a Podcast: Develop, produce, and monetize your podcast

TUES, NOV 2 - 3 PM

Born and raised in Miami, FL to Cuban parents, actress Melissa and singer Stephanie Carcache teamed up to start the multimedia company Millennial Women, Inc. 

Millennial Women Talk, where the sisters generate different perspectives from some of the world’s most inspirational thought leaders and mentors, serves as the number one podcast for millennial women looking to elevate their lives, mind, body, and soul.


@melicarcache @stephaniecarcache

Millennial Women Talk

Creating an Instant-Sub YouTube Channel: Pacing, structure, and storytelling for growth

TUES, NOV 2 - 4 PM

Jeremy Sevillano films and edits video specifically for YouTube growth. Jeremy has worked with several big name YouTubers to help grow channels from 0-100k subscribers and 2-5 millions subscribers.

Check out his YouTube channel here.



Jeremy Sevillano

Building a 3M+ YouTube community: A candid interview with a full time YouTube sensation

TUES, NOV 2 - 5 PM

ItsYeBoi is an Ottawa-born YouTube creator. His main channel, ItsYeBoi has nearly 3 million subscribers where he tests tech gadgets and explores mystery unboxings.

He is also the founder of several other YouTube channels with 100K+ subscribers.




Meet Shana: Eternal optimist, video ninja + gluten-free pizza lover.

Shana is a video producer and video coach who teaches business owners to make all types of videos that convert followers to customers - even if they're uncomfortable on-camera and have never made a video before.

PS Watch her free Confident On-Camera mini course here.

Video for Dummies: Get setup for professional video in 24 hours or less

TUES, NOV 2 - 6 PM



Shana Yurko

Antoine Bilbord is a content creator who focuses on self discovery.

He offers brand consulting services to health & wellness startups who want a stunning, cohesive feed that communicates their services at first sight. He also help brands hop on TikTok trends early so they turn views into sales every single time.


WELLNESS SESSION - Start your day grounded with this meditation by Antoine

WED, NOV 3 - 8:30 AM


Antoine Bilbord

Founder of Moonrise Social Club, Mario Moreno is a strategic marketing professional with 12+ years in the fashion and beauty space with brands like GUESS, Forever 21, H&M, L’Oreal Paris and was a professor at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising Los Angeles for three years.

Mario shares his marketing knowledge across social media on his TikTok and Instagram with a combined following of over 150k followers. He also has his own organic and sustainable tea business called “We Spill The Tea”. 


Marketing Lessons from the Big Brands: The top tips both big brands & small businesses alike use

WED, NOV 3 - 9 AM


Mario Moreno

Ashley Beaudin is a trauma-informed coach and speaker who helps creatives heal their self-sabotage and craft supportive lives and businesses. She is passionate about creating brave spaces for people to heal and connect with themselves.

PS Take Ashley's Self-Sabotage Type Quiz here.

Lessons from creating the viral #ImperfectBoss internet movement

WED, NOV 3 - 10 AM


Ashley Beaudin


Brielle Cotterman is a Publicity Expert, Celebrity Maker, former sales & marketing superstar, National spokesperson for multiple charitable organizations and previously spent years both competing on the stage & running programs with the Miss America Organization. 

Her years of experience led to her developing a non-traditional PR agency for entrepreneurs.

Look Mom, I'm Famous! How to land major media & turn it into major profit

WED, NOV 3 - 11 AM

Brielle Cotterman



Myrna Daramy is the founder of Myrna & Co, a tech translation coaching firm specializing in digital media strategy, analytics, and accessibility. 

Over the last 15 years, she’s educated over 500k professionals as Myrna's superpower is that she can easily translate “tech talk” into concepts that make sense to even the most non-technical of business owners. 

Download her Essential Accessibility Checklist here.


Inclusion in the Digital Space: How to create accessibility for all

WED, NOV 3 - 12 PM

Myrna Daramy


Bobby Tran is the owner and Head Coach at the Workhorse Fitness Company, a strength and conditioning facility in Windsor, Ontario. Along with a Bachelor in Human Kinetics, Bobby has been in the fitness industry for over a decade.

He started his journey training varsity teams at the University and eventually branched from the competitive athlete to the general population where he found his passion in using functional fitness as a medium to bring together and celebrate community. 

WELLNESS BREAK: Join Bobby in a bodyweight workout that'll get you moving and sweating the perfect amount

WED, NOV 3 - 1 PM



Bobby Conhanson

Mike Ganino's the public speaking coach you call when you ready to say the thing you were born to share with the world. He's a former actor who couldn't remember lines, former restaurateur who couldn't cook, and former kid who grew up to think we can all change the world by learning how to tell our stories.

PS Uncover the stories you're here to share with Mike's StoryCraft here.

Craft Your Mic Drop Moment: A step-by-step guide to becoming the speaker you dream of

WED, NOV 3 - 3 PM



Mike Ganino

Stand Out Sales Pages: 5 things you need for a slam dunk conversion rate

WED, NOV 3 - 4 PM

Dani Paige is a corporate boycotter turned Online Copywriter CEO with a knack for blowing her customers out of the water with amazing customer experiences and copy that moves people to take action. She focuses on the copy and strategy for every moving part in her client’s funnels (ads, landing pages, sales page, emails) to help them get the best opportunity for higher conversions.

She is the Founder of Sales Page Prep School, lives in Canada, and is a former professional hockey player.


Dani Paige


Jasmine Williams is an award-winning writer, content marketing expert, and the founder of Jasmine Williams Media, a boutique content marketing consultancy serving a global roster of industry-leading companies and visionaries.

She’s also the founder of Click-worthy Creatives, an education hub and community for freelance creatives. Jasmine helps creative entrepreneurs,  and growth-stage startups scale their businesses with strategic storytelling.

PS Try her Freelance Calculator for free here!

Pitch like a Pro: How to land dream clients as a freelancer

WED, NOV 3 - 5 PM



Jasmine Williams

Melanie Hernquist founded the eCommerce business, Lucky + Lovely to celebrate women who love to live out loud, chase big dreams and are unapologetically changing the world. The mission of Lucky + Lovely is to design gorgeous, giftable, and inspiring products that spark conversation and bring joy into people’s lives. Proudly based in Atlanta, Melanie’s products have been seen on HSN, QVC and carried in stores throughout North America, including Marshall’s.

Catch Me in Marshalls: Landing major retail opportunities offline

WED, NOV 3 - 6 PM

Melanie Hernquist



Naomi is an online educator, lifestyle content creator and microinfluencer based in Los Angeles with an audience of over 115,000 across the world wide web. She is also a talent agent over at Boost Society, where she negotiates collaborations on their behalf. In 2021 alone, she has helped her clients and students collectively secure over $170,000 in brand partnerships!

She loves supporting creators, bloggers and influencers in not only monetizing their influence online, but also creating impact that drives change and having a fully-realized influential business.

5 Tips to Turn Gifted Offers into 4-Figure Collaborations




Naomi Genota

Premium Partnerships: How to Land Long-Term Premium Partnerships with Fortune500 Brands

THURS, NOV 4 - 10 AM

Gwen Lane has 15+ years of experience in digital marketing in the entertainment and e-commerce industries. She founded The LA Girl and worked with brands including Disney, Target, Nike, American Airlines, Facebook, and others. She eventually sold that business and started The Spark School in 2018, an online learning community for impact-driven influencers and entrepreneurs. To date she helped nearly 5,000 people grow their influence and revenue while making an impact on their community and their clients.


Gwen Lane


Pinterest Basics: Optimizing your strategy for lead generation

THURS, NOV 4 - 11 AM

Pinterest Strategist, niche marketing expert and OG Pinner. Meagan helps overwhelmed and confused business owners learn how to grow their audience with Pinterest.

Unlock the power of Pinterest so you can level up and create a constant funnel of leads, sales and website traffic. 


Meagan Williamson


Monica is a digital product coach for women business owners and host of the popular podcast, Empowered Business.

She spent 11 years working for a Fortune 100 company running multi-million dollar marketing campaigns with large brands like Microsoft and HP. Now she provides online marketing education to small businesses that are looking to build a profitable revenue stream through digital products through her online programs and podcast.

PS Check out her Passion to Profit Experience here.

More than a Pin: Cracking Multiple 6-Figures in Digital Product Sales using Pinterest Ads

THURS, NOV 4 - 12 PM

Monica Froese



Sheri creates spaces for people to ignite their heart’s purpose, inner voices and unique magic. Whether through energy healing, card readings, coaching or teaching, she meets people where they are on their journey with aligned tools and memorable experiences. 

WELLNESS SESSION - Join us for Sheri's collective card pull, meditation, & movement



Sheri Chiprout


Kristi Rowles is a mental health therapist turned Enneagram Coach. Most days, you can find her sipping tea in a yoga pose and wearing sassy earrings.

She's known for teaching the Enneagram personality tool in a way that is accessible, practical, fun, and compassion-driven. She founded and leads Full & Free Enneagram Coaching + Enneagram University, where she trains the most competent and confident coaches on the market.

Get her Guide to Nailing Your Enneagram Type here.

Enneagram & Entrepreneurship: How to Use the Enneagram to Blow Up Your Business


Kristi Rowles



Bye Bye #BossBabe: How to build a feminist business that aligns


Jess Khouri is a professor, PR pro, small business owner, best-selling author, and Thought Leadership Partner at the feminist strategy firm With Chela Inc.

As a small business owner, and graduate degree holder in women's and gender studies, Jess helps entrepreneurs, small businesses, and organizations bring intersectional feminism into the work they're doing so they can create inclusive, anti-oppressive, and change making offerings and services. "Write your feminist agenda with me!"


Jessica Khouri


Andréa Jones has built an online business committed to empowering businesses to utilize the power of social media in a positive and impactful way, without being overwhelmed and drained by it.

With over 7 years experience, Andréa hosts the acclaimed podcast, the Savvy Social Podcast, leads a team providing done-for-you service inside of her marketing agency named a Top Digital Marketing Agency in 2021, and serves over 200 students in her membership, the Savvy Social School.

Try her Social Media Rockstar Framework course for free here.

The Secret to Getting Paying Clients Through LinkedIn: Your Ultimate LinkedIn Strategy




Andréa Jones

David Gaylord is the current Chief Executive Officer at Bushbalm Skincare, as well as Shopify’s own Entrepeneur-in-Residence. His main role is scaling Bushbalm, which sells products to treat ingrown hairs, razor burn, dark spots and other commonly ignored skin irritations.

His marketing background has helped scale Bushbalm into large major retailers, spas across North America and hundreds of thousands of consumers struggling with their most pesky skin irritations. 

Paid Ads, Influencers & Tiktok: How to pick the best options

FRI, NOV 5 - 9 AM


David Gaylord


At the age of 22, Mallory co-founded what quickly became a multi-six figure, globally recognized powerlifting apparel brand. By the age of 27, she'd built three multi-six figure businesses. Today, she helps entrepreneurs build without burning out. 

She has been featured as a Shopify Masters, a United Way People to Know, and a Lululemon ambassador.

Snag her Beat the Algorithm content strategy workshop for free here.

Scaling to Burnout: Money minimalism & the right scale for your business

FRI, NOV 5 - 10 AM

Mallory Rowan



Being the Breadwinner: A Systematic Approach to Scaling

FRI, NOV 5 - 11 AM

Jamila is the CEO of Daily Success Routine, an online training and coaching company that empowers women to become breadwinning business owners by setting up the systems that are necessary for growth. She is the author of the book From Payne to Power and the host of the top-rated podcast Breadwinning Women.

PS Simplify, automate, and organize your business with Jamila's free workshop here.


Jamila Payne


As the founder of Sage Initiative, Sage is enabling a national ecosystem of strong, resilient, Indigenous womxn impact investors who value people and the planet over blind profit.

Let’s change the world together one dollar at a time.

Basics in Impact Investment with Indigenous Founder Sage Lacerte

FRI, NOV 5 - 12 PM


Sage Lacerte


WELLNESS BREAK: Join Alea & Arnaldo in a feel good dance class

FRI, NOV 5 - 1 PM

Moov Ottawa Dance, run by Alea de Castro & Arnaldo Betancourt Silva, is a leading Street Dance Company who specializes in the styles of Hip Hop, House, Waacking, Breaking "Break Dance" and more.

Alea & Arnaldo share their skills and knowledge through dance classes, workshops, school programs (EN&FR), shows, high level performances, corporate gatherings, community events & dance battles.


Alea & Arnaldo

@aleadecastro @bboy_effect

Kim is a multi-passionate social entrepreneur who loves falling in love with the problem and not the solution. She is particularly passionate about shaping the future of Social Innovation and Social Enterprise.

Kim has been in the business of building impact-driven initiatives and Social Enterprises for the last five years, and has personally bootstrapped over $150K+ in external funding for projects and initiatives created from scratch.

Get Your Ideas Funded: How to secure grants & scale your business

FRI, NOV 5 - 3 PM

Kim Kirton



Growing Your Dream Team: Getting you through the hiring process

FRI, NOV 5 - 4 PM

Tatiana O'Hara is a former corporate District Manager turned Agency & Team Operations Coach helping entrepreneurs in the messy middle streamline their operations and build their dream team. Her signature program Grindaholics Anonymous has helped dozens of coaches and agency owners reclaim their time, make more while working less, and hire a team of experts to help them scale. 

After leading large teams of 80, hiring over 100 people, and helping her store managers find worklife balance, Tatiana brought her expertise over to the online business world and the rest was history!


Tatiana O'Hara


Gemma is an Online Course Strategist and Digital Marketer who has helped over 6,000 entrepreneurs launch and scale their businesses through her paid programs.

She has built her own $500k/year business using courses and digital products, and teaches others how to do the same. Gemma has been featured in the Globe & Mail, Style At Home, Medium, Thrive Global, and across popular podcasts. 

The Passive Myth? How to actually create high-converting evergreen campaigns for consistent revenue

FRI, NOV 5 - 5 PM


Gemma Bonham-Carter


Bella Bahari is a former medical doctor turned author, copywriter, and a launch strategist. Having managed almost 40 webinar launches for a 7-figure financial education business she co-owns, she now helps other businesses find joy in their launches through strategic copy with story and personality.

When not stressing about her web bio, she can be found rage singing to Florence and the Machine in her grey Porsche Macan, attempting to escape from her sometimes monstrous, mostly beautiful, 4 and 1-year-old boys.

Finding Your Why: 7 Steps to Create A Powerful Story of Your Why

FRI, NOV 5 - 6 PM



Bella Bahari

Tasha Booth is an agency owner, coach, and podcaster. She is the Founder & CEO of The Launch Guild - a full service launch support agency working with established coaches and course creators with Course & Podcast Launches.

Additionally, she mentors Virtual Support Pros, Launch Managers, & Agency Owners who are passionate and ready to grow their businesses while living life on their own terms, and she is the host of the How She Did That Podcast - a podcast for Virtual Support Pros to learn business and tech tips.

Six-Figure Launches: Building the systems to scale your next launch

FRI, NOV 5 - 6:30 PM

Tasha Booth



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